Kimono Series

This Kimono series visually layers the patterns and rhythm's of Japanese kimono, Shodo and the lush landscape and intense cities of Japan. The work reflects a sense or a glimpse of images that flow through memories of these exotic places. The hectic and crazy pace of the forms are colliding together and expanding outward like the power lines through the finely woven streets of Japan's cities. These memories...the warm touch of charcoal appears as the brush flows across the subtle texture of hand pressed washi. ...golden koi glimmer and flow past reflective coins tossed for prosperity. ...a sweep of finely powdered pattern, the sound of silks as the Geisha flows past the dark panels, along the steamy streets of Gion. ...monks chant, bells chime to vermillion rhythms of drums, the day begins, it will flow like damp moss covered history....collide and converge, rushing into the indigo nights....a dream.
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